Focused Crew, Better Set

You’re a Producer, an AD, or a PA.  Your job is to support the on-screen product. You – set up, lock up, keep continuity, change over, lead new deals, bring first team, budget, manage, do hours of background/extras paperwork. BG/extras are vital to you and yet, in the scheme of a show and of a shooting day, they're in the background.

Run A Better Set wants your full attention on the on-screen product. Run A Better Set wants you to be focused on what you’re there to do. That’s our pledge – no more paperwork, easier day, better set. We handle the encumbrances that take your attention off the details. We help your focus stay clear and defined, especially as the day fills with urgency.

We’ve all been there - four different urgent calls our walkies, someone needing a skin, an answer, or a slap. It's swirling. Hectic. Chaotic. Fun. That’s sort of why we work in show business. But there are rare shooting days, in the urgency, where it slows, and we feel in control. RABS strives to make slow shooting days a daily occurrence, to give our users – PA, AD, Wardrobe, Props, Extras – the power and freedom that they need to make sure it looks and feels easy.

RABS isn’t the fix for a bad attitude and it isn’t a promise of an improved night’s sleep. It is a fix for tedious, exhausting paperwork stealing huge amounts of your time, money, and energy. It’s a focus boost. When a crew is focused, a producer can run a better set.


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