A Challenge About Rocky

Rocky is to Philly as: 
Bronx Tale is to the Bronx?
Chinatown is to LA?
JFK to New Orleans?
LadyBird is to Sacramento?
Breaking Bad to Albuquerque?
The Sopranos to Ramopo?
Star Wars to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
Apocalypse Now to Nam?

It's easy to list works with memorable settings. But our challenge is finding a work with a perfectly impactful setting. We mean a setting that somehow captures the characters' essense, the works' theme, the antagonists' power, and creates a spiritual connection with story so essential we're not overstating by saying it gives the story soul. And, we have to find one that isn't Rocky. We call it setting-story relationship. 

In Run A Better Set's mind, Rocky is the paradigm of setting-story relationship. If you take Rocky out of Philly, you don't have a timeless movie. 

Rocky is a story of an underdog. Philly is known as an underdog town. The American Revolution was our first American underdog story and it was produced in Philadelphia. There's something about the historical, thematic existence of Philly that led to a rare, perfect combination of setting and story in Rocky.  

Many works can be taken and told in another time and place and still be the same story. We challenge all readers and anyone we encounter to find us a movie more inseparable from a setting than Rocky and Philly.  We'd love to argue about it. 


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