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What RABS Learned, Lately...

We learn volumes in business. Here are ten of Run A Better Set's insights, lately.
1. Write notes on what you learned each day. It's the only way to track it all. It makes the learning manifest. When you write notes, you're storing the learning in your mental backend and your mental front end can access it another time.
2. Take the train to the airport instead of a cab. Especially early on in a business' life, you're probably spending more than you're earning. It's going to get worse before it gets better so suck it up and ride public transit, even late night. Saving money is just as good as earning money. 
3. Not taking things personally isn't good advice. It may be easier to not take things personally when you're rich. But when you're not and when you love something that someone else doesn't, it's personal. So the lesson - don't listen to someone who tells you not to take things personally. Take things very personally. Everything …